Days after facing off against Aaron Rodgers’ former team, ‘Football Junkie’ LeBron James makes a big announcement for NFL fans

The greatest basketball player LeBron James is a huge “football fan” and a follower of the NFL. He is often seen wearing NFL jerseys and hats and has even attended NFL games. In an interview in 2020, James admitted that he has been a fan of the NFL since he was a child. The physicality of football is the most exciting to him. As such, he’s not afraid to share his thoughts on the NFL league. During the NBA offseason, King James not only watches NFL games, but also predicts them.

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Recently, he sparked excitement among his millions of followers on social media by hinting at sharing his NFL game predictions on Instagram Live. More often than not, he had a knack for making accurate predictions. Just a few days ago, I predicted a loss for Aaron Rodgers’ former team, the Green Bay Packers.

LeBron says he’ll make NFL draft decision on IG Live


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In a tweet, LeBron expressed his love for football and even said he predicted Detroit would beat Green Bay on Thursday Night Football. Tomorrow he will do a live broadcast on Instagram with his 158 million followers.


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“Y’all know I love football. That being said, I’m considering live streaming my picks of the week (NFL games) tomorrow before the IG game. I did choose Detroit over GB TNF. Anyway, we’ll see 🤔🤷 🏾‍♂️” LeBron said.

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His predictions were more than mere guesses

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LeBron’s predictions aren’t just wild guesses, they’re backed by a deep understanding of the game. As a result, the Lions defeated the Packers 34-20 on TNF. The Lions led by 11 points in the first quarter and extended their lead to 24 points at halftime. The Packers’ first two touchdowns of the second half cut the deficit to 10 points, but the Lions eventually pulled away.


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LeBron is entering his 21st season with the Lakers, and many fans are wondering if LeBron and Anthony Davis have enough motivation. As media day approaches, LeBron is in the gym training and preparing. Amid his busy schedule, football fans will be excited to see him live and talking about the NFL if he follows up tomorrow.

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