Days after LeBron James went crazy over Deion Sanders, former teammate ripped Dan Lenning apart for pretentious behavior

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are taking the sports world by storm. Among them are names like LeBron James, who are cheering for the ecstatic start to the football season. Not to mention, they have their fair share of haters, too. After a recent heartbreaking loss to Oregon State, the opposing head coach spoke out against the team.

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Hours after the video went viral on social media platforms, a former NBA player is siding with coach Dan Lanning. LeBron’s championship teammates also joined the debate, defending Sanders and Buffalo.

2016 NBA champion publicly supports Deion Sanders


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The University of Colorado Boulder football team at Buffalo had a record of 1-11 last season. Sanders took over as head coach in December, and the team has since begun to recover.

Not to mention, the team got a lot of media coverage because of Coach Prime. Before the game against Colorado, Oregon State coach Dan Lanning expressed some displeasure with Sanders. “They play for clicks, we play for wins. There’s a difference. “This game won’t be played in Hollywood, it will be played on grass. “ Lanning said.

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On the field, the Oregon Ducks defeated the Buffaloes 42-6 and achieved victory. Fans loved the joke and the video immediately went viral.

Former NBA player Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets seems to agree with Coach Lanning. “well said.”“, Parsons wrote on Twitter. But former Cleveland Cavaliers star and well-known media analyst Richard Jefferson had no idea. So I invited the camera in because he didn’t want to click?..bring it on”, the 2016 NBA champion wrote on Twitter.

LeBron James is a big fan of Coach Prime

Deion Sanders is beloved by sports fans around the world. However, he also has his share of haters, and Sanders recently had a message for them. He shared a message to his haters on Twitter, urging the NBA’s all-time leading scorer to react. “Keep doing it! Now they should know I don’t forget anything!!”, James wrote, citing Sanders’ message.


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The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has been a big supporter of Sanders. Since Plame took over as head coach, he has frequently expressed his admiration and respect for Sanders on social media.


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