DCEU: Top 10 superhero costumes in the DC Universe

Superman Legacy Legacy Henry Cavill

even though DCEU There are so many wonderful dresses out there, only a few of them are the best of them all. Now, as you know, DCEU With the arrival of the new co-CEO of DC Studios, a decade after its founding is coming to an end james gunn And Peter Safran on his guide. Although most films in the world have received mixed reviews at the time of their release, all have always agreed on at least one aspect: DCEU It had impressive graphics. Integral to this have of course been the superhero costumes brought to the screen over the years, ranging from comic book-accurate looks to modern versions of the heroes’ iconic suits or entirely new creations. Discover with us the 10 best superhero costumes, after careful evaluations DCEU,

10black adams

black adam trailer

before it took years Dwayne The Rock Johnson could finally explain black adams In DCEU But, when the time came, the Man in Black debuted in a big way. black adams The title character was given an exquisite superhero costume, modernizing his character’s signature look in the comics. We are presented with two versions of her costume in the film, of which the best one is then revealed theth adam help out justice society to fight sabbak, The mix of black and glittery gold with the cape and golden bracelets on the wrists made this one of the best superhero costumes. DCEU,

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