De la Cruz still cannot return from Uruguay

2021 did not end up being the best year for Nicolas de la Cruz: the Uruguayan midfielder finished without playing for the venous thrombosis in your left foot, detected after the match that he could not complete against San Lorenzo on 10/17 and until today his case generates some uncertainty. Now, 2022 for now also started something crooked. And is that This Sunday it was confirmed that on the 11th he could not travel to Buenos Aires to start work with River because he was infected with Covid-19. A contagion that is not from this Sunday but from before.

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De la Cruz spent his last days off in Uruguay with his family and there he contracted the disease, luckily with a low viral load that did not bring major consequences to their health. But the truth is that to return to Argentina you need a negative PCR that you still can’t get. And in the same situation are the Profe of the professional establishment Marcelo tulbovitz, also charrúa and the kinesiologist Jorge Bombicino, who was also resting across the shore.

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As the three were together in Uruguay, they are all in the same: they are the first confirmed coronavirus cases in River in the year, waiting for the PCR tests that the entire delegation did this Sunday at noon on the return to the Monumental prior to Monday’s trip to San Martín de los Andes to start the preseason. Of course, DLC will not be the only footballer infected: more cases are expected.

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For the midfielder, of course, it is bad news twice: these first days of preseason were going to be very important for try to start gradually rejoining training alongside his colleagues: he is already in the last stage of his anticoagulation treatment for thrombosis.

A key semester for De la Cruz

Initially, Gallant He calculated that he could count on him even for the last games of last semester, but the times were postponed taking into account, also, the sensitivity of the case. But now DLC expected to return with everything and will have to wait a little longer: This semester will be key for him for several reasons.

The first is recover ground in a team that replaced him very well with Enzo Fernández and Santiago Simón. The second, of course, return to a Uruguayan team that already without Tabárez and with Diego Alonso did not include him in the payroll for the next double round of Playoffs (He will play with Paraguay on 1/27 and against Venezuela on 1/2) with a view to Qatar. And the third, already personally: DLC needs a good semester to make the leap to Europe that it has been waiting for a long time. In fact, you already have a promise of sale if a suitable offer appears in the next markets and That is why River also brought Pochettino this summer, anticipating the play.To

Now the steering wheel will have to wait until it has a negative PCR to return. It’s step by step, Nico …

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