Dead by Daylight – Players who leave a match early will now receive penalties

© Behavior Interactive

Dead by Daylight players probably suffer regularly from teammates simply leaving a match. In the future, however, those should think carefully, because such actions are now associated with a penalty.

Through December 2019, Studio Behavior Interactive tested a system that penalizes players who simply leave a Dead by Daylight match. This is already online and affects the PC, PS4 and Switch versions. The Xbox will be spared from this for the time being because the necessary resources are lacking.

The system automatically takes effect on the other platforms. An update is not necessary for this. But how exactly does it work?

System details

Players who simply leave a match are prevented from starting the next match. This is a set time that gets longer every time you leave a match. The goal is to prevent players from ending the game early. It is important for developers to give them time to react before starting the next match. However, the system does not only react to individuals – groups that have an active blocking period also have to wait until they can start the next game.

But what counts as an early termination? The developers summarize this as follows:

“ Anything that causes the player to leave the match counts as disconnection. This includes: switching off the PC / console, disconnecting the Internet connection, exiting the game or exiting the game using the corresponding button. This is crucial to ensure that the system cannot be exploited . “

However, Behavior Interactive does not differentiate between intention and actual internet failures. The studio does not see this critically:

“ The penalties will be so small that the occasional failure should not be noticeable. The timer has probably already expired when the internet is back. Players who frequently lose connection should resolve the problem as soon as possible, as losing the connection will affect the joy of the other four players in the match. 

The studio does not accept objections to the penalties.

What do you think of the new system? What experiences have you had so far? Please write to us with your opinion in the comments.