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Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC is now available on mobile

If you didn’t get Fatal Falls when it came in January, a short summary. Fatal falls adds a new alternate route in the middle of the game for those who have tired of running through the Sanctuary of Dreams and the Village of Stilts. The Fractured Shrines will place the prisoner in a floating island biome where the snake dwellers will attempt to kill you with giant axes. The Shore of the Undead, meanwhile, takes place on a storm-ravaged cliff and filled with the horrors of undead and maniacal monsters.

In the Mausoleum is the Scarecrow, a new boss who would very much like you to come out of his garden.

Nine new monsters, eight new weapons and a new Custom Mode await you in Fatal falls, with a Custom Mode that allows you to play however you want. Get hold of the customization rune on the walls to limit your items, mutations, costumes, add starting items, adjust times, and much more. Please note that Custom Mode is not compatible with auto hit mode if you have it enabled.

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Custom Mode is not the same as the new Skins system, which was just added in the latest update of Practice Makes Perfect on PC and consoles. These new skins provide the player with powerful power-ups that are tailored to their preferred play style and can make the game much easier. It’s the easy way to Dead cells And a fun way to play again if you haven’t played in a while.

There’s also a new world map, a new training room where you can take on defeated bosses, and quality of life improvements. Practice Makes Perfect is now available on consoles and PC, but just like Fatal falls, the mobile expansion will take a few months to arrive.

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