Dead sea lion found in Necochea tested positive for bird flu, they confirm

Senasa is responsible for more than 40 dead sea lions found on Necochea beach, to determine the cause of death.they confirmed They tested positive for bird flu.

“The Senasa National Laboratory has diagnosed a new disease sample positivephotographed from sea lions (Otaria flavescens) Bodies found in Kaiken, Necochea and Punta Loyola portsthe agency said in a statement.

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Speaking on Telenoche (ElTrece), the president of Fauna Marina called what happened in Necochea an “explosive incident”. (Video: Telenoche)

Although the first case occurred in Necochea, There are still a few dead sea lions in Mar del Plata. Senasa carried out the corresponding autopsies and confirmed that they died from “highly pathogenic avian effects”.

Within this framework, Juan Lorenzetti, president of Fauna Marina, spoke and said that it is “normal” for animals to come to the coast at this time, but what happened in Necochea and what happened in Mar del Plata is “Something” explosive. “

In addition, he noted that sea lions that come to the coast they have a seizureunable to control his body: “A central feature of the disease’, he explained.

The carcasses of more than 40 sea lions have been found along the Atlantic coast. (Photo: Courtesy of ANP)

In turn, he stated The phenomenon started in Peru this January As the months passed, it “declined”: “It went from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It started in Peru and from there spread to Tierra del Fuego. Later he arrived in Buenos Aires”.

After the increase in cases, he warned that bird flu could spread to the Uruguayan colony, considered the most important in South America.

More than 40 dead sea lions were found in Necochea on Tuesday

On Aug. 22, Necochea residents alerted authorities of more than 40 dead sea lions on the beach. Senasa rushed to the scene immediately and took samples from each animal.

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They also detail what you must consider if you encounter an animal in this situation. “It is recommended not to approach.It is always advised not to go near them as they are animals that can spread disease anyway,” Necochea Director of Environmental Management said in a conversation with total nitrogen.

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