Deadpool 3: New leak could reveal important Marvel cameos

Ryan Reynolds Hello Marvel Studios worked together on the next film about Dead Poolin which there will be many interesting things. Hugh Jackman returns to take on the role Wolverine V Deadpool 3 after leaving the role in the film Logan From James Mangold. Recently it turned out that Jennifer Garner will resume his role as Elektra from daredevil AND Halle Berry even teased an appearance in Deadpool 3. But now a new leak reveals a list of possible episodes in the upcoming triquel.

New Deadpool 3 cameo rumors

A new video posted by DisInsider on YouTube has revealed some important new details about Deadpool 3, including some notable cameos. Judging by the video, the most notable cameos will be scattered throughout the film, as if Taron Edgerton as a variant of Wolverine and even a return Ian McKellen How Magneto.

“At the moment, none of this has been confirmed. Let me reiterate, all unconfirmed before it blows up on Twitter or X apologizes again, but many of these names we’ve heard from multiple sources,” the video says before some notable Marvel episodes are revealed. “Brian Cox How William Stryker, Halle Berry How Storm, Owen Wilson How Moebius, Famke Jensen How Jean Grey, Lewis Tan How Shatterstar, Channing Tatum How Gambit, Ben Affleck How Daredevil, Taylor Swift How Dazzler, Taron Edgerton like another Wolverine, Elizabeth Olsen How Wanda Maximoff, Tara Strong How Miss Minute, Tom Hiddleston How Loki, Daphne Keene How Laura Howlett pseudonym X23, Rebecca Romijn How Raven, Julian McMahon How Doctor Doom, Patrick Stewart How Professor X AND Ian McKellen How Magneto. Again, these are unconfirmed rumors. But it would be crazy if everyone was in this movie.”

Who else will be in Deadpool 3?

In addition to rumors of a cameo, they will return in Deadpool 3 Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Stefan Kapicic in this from Colossus, Brianna Hildebrand in this from Mutant warhead Negasonics, Karan Soni in this from Dopinder AND Leslie Uggams in this from Blind Al. Added to the third Deadpool movie Matthew Macfadyen (Continuity) ed. Emma Corrin (Crown) in undisclosed roles. Garner, who previously played Elektra in Daredevil (2003), is expected to return for the first time since her role in Elektra’s solo film. Ben Affleck is also rumored to return as Daredevil, hinting that the film could be a farewell to the old Fox cinematic universe, including Fantastic Four They X-Men 2005.

Deadpool 3 belonging Marvel Studios should hit theaters May 3, 2024.

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