Deadpool 3: Why was Ben Affleck on set?

deadpool 3 It is one of the most awaited films and at the same time, one of the most shrouded films. The third chapter of the saga is dedicated to the super (anti) hero played by Ryan Reynolds The announcement that he too will be seen in the film has already piqued the curiosity and interest of the fans. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The very welcome return of the adamantium-skeleton X-Men, whose fate ended in spectacular fashion Logan. And indeed Wolverine’s appearance meant that most fans began to consider it and, slowly, convinced themselves of the possibility that even deadpool 3 very broad topic multiverse, that gives doctor strange It went on to become one of the central points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

multiple hypothesis, at least according to their report screenrant, This may also be supported by another rumor which is spreading everywhere on the net in these hours. it really seems that way ben affleck Spotted on the set of Deadpool 3. the reason? No one knows for sure, but the most widespread hypothesis is that Affleck could return to the role of Matt Murdock, better known as Daredevil. It was 2003 when Ben Affleck played the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen on the big screen for 20th Century Fox, a film that was a flop in more ways than one. Since then, many things have changed. Ben Affleck Enters the DC Universe as Batman, While Daredevil Faces the Afterlife Charlie Cox In the Marvel series that debuted on Netflix ahead of “Coming Home” on Disney+. And while it’s almost certain that Charlie Cox will be the Daredevil of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seeing as he’ll be reprising the role Daredevil: Born Again From everything it looks like Ben Affleck may return to play the blind superhero Deadpool 3.

If this “gossip” were confirmed, it would still only be a brief appearance, if not an outright cameo. It’s hard to believe that there could potentially be an inside story for Ben Affleck’s Daredevil Deadpool 3. for both the problems it creates with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the nature of its Deadpool. It would certainly be fun to see Ben Affleck in the Red Devil suit from Hell’s Kitchen again, and why not get along with the existing Daredevil along the way. dead pool, After all, this is a saga that takes on the absurd and bizarre tone and aims to make people laugh, even with out-of-the-ordinary cameos, such as brad pitt, For example. Hence, the theory of Ben Affleck returning as Daredevil to justify the multiverse Deadpool 3.

However, for the time being, this is just speculation based on rumors that have yet to be confirmed and/or commented on by the parties involved: in fact, everything is quiet on Marvel and Disney’s side for the time being. Then came the news that Ben Affleck was on set deadpool 3 As for actually appearing in a cameo, though, it should be taken with a grain of salt, waiting for official news about it or more details on the plot of the film which saw Ryan Reynolds as the full-fledged protagonist. Is. However, the wait promises to be long dead pool Will not hit theaters till September 2024.

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