Dear parents, These tips when selecting games for kids by age


A variety of institutions, the determination of the age limit is still far from unanimous when it game to the classification of video. But that doesn’t mean you should refuse a title game, just because your child is younger than indicated on the app description. So, Kaspersky give you some tips in sorting a game is based on the following considerations :

• For information on the Internet
Pay attention not only to the age limit, but also, what is the reason, a game is released. If you live in a country that is not content and information, the gim in the description field, look no further than online. Please inform yourself about the type of game will help you to decide.

• See Review
Compare the evaluation (rating) in your country with other countries for a comprehensive overview. Recall that, for example, swear words can be lost in translation, so allow such games have an age limit in the countries in which the pronunciation of the original spoken in the game.

• Watch The Trailer
Watch the game trailer on YouTube or on the website of the developer of the game. Read or watch some reviews online – you bloggers and vloggers video game on any social networking. It is usually enough to get a decent picture of what the game is.

• Try It First
After the purchase, try to play it with the fruit of the heart. Find out how the game works, and talking about the graphics, the plot and dialogue in it. Always accompanied by the fruit of the heart, when you play online. By doing this, you get the idea, the much better about whether or not it is the right choice for your child, and you get some quality time.

• An Additional
And, so that the fruits of play be careful not to spend too much time playing the game, you will be using the tool parental controls to set time limits. For example, Kaspersky Safe Kids, you can set a time-limit, either on your computer or Smartphone.

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