Death of Christophe Dominci: “Throw me under a bus” … the shocking interview that resurfaces!


In 2007, invited on the set of Laurent Ruquier to promote his autobiography, the rugby star had (already) mentioned his desire for suicide …

France has lost one of its greatest sportsmen. Christophe Dominici retired from rugby, committed suicide on November 24, at the age of 48. 

His body was found lifeless in the park of Saint-Cloud, in the Paris region. The latter, who leaves behind two daughters, Kiara and Mya, would have, according to AFP, jumped from the roof of an abandoned building. 

Invited one day in May 2007 on the set of On is not lying, Christophe, who came to defend his autobiography, had already mentioned his terrible desire for suicide after having lived two very painful moments: the death of his sister Pascale, in a car accident in 1986 (he was 14 at the time) and the separation from his ex-wife Ingrid with whom he shared his life for ten years. 

“I lived it very badly … I no longer slept and I spent twenty-four days without sleeping. I had to continue to perform well in rugby but I couldn’t do it too much. Doctors … a friend of mine, Hakim Chalabi, who is the doctor for PSG, gave me a sleep cure. It is artificial sleep to rest, to relax emotional stresses and emotions that were blooming “, explained- it in plateau. 

” I had something that farted in my head when I was taken to see a specialist in the psychological disorders of top athletes. I was on the verge of throwing myself under a bus because the moral pain was acting on me physically. “, he also confided.