Death of Guillaume Depardieu: This person who caused his descent into hell!


Back on the day when everything changed!

A little more than 12 years ago, on October 13, 2008, Guillaume Depardieu died at the age of only 37 from pneumonia contracted on the set of the film L’Enfance d’Icare in Romania. A loss for French cinema, which was losing immense talent at that time. The son of Gerard and Elizabeth Depardieu had distinguished himself in several films, such as Tous Les mornins du monde or Les Apprentis which won him the Cesar for best hope in 1996.

In addition to this talent for comedy, he was also an excellent pianist. “When Guillaume was at the Ecole normale de musique de Paris Alfred Cortot, he was so talented that someone recommended him to give him lessons. This is the person who introduced him to drugs. So for him, the music was mixed in with that. He was as much afraid of it as he wanted to. So it was very complicated and very long for him to get rid of his addiction “, had declared his mother to Gala in 2018, remembering a sentence that his son had thrown at him. “He told me he would die earlyHe knew. I was like, ‘You can’t tell me that! I’m your mother, I can’t hear that!’ So he would stop and add:
During his drunken nights, Guillaume Depardieu was supported by director Pierre Salvadori. In the columns of Society, the filmmaker detailed his evenings alongside his late friend. ” It was sex, drugs, and rock and roll. He loaded the mule well. And so did I. It was fine. He came back from such crazy things: he came back to swallow glass, he came back from running six red lights off in a row without stopping with me behind saying ‘We’re going to die! We’re going to die!’ and he was laughing, “ he told Society magazine“I remember I thought ‘damn, it will survive, William will live longer than I thought! And when I said that, he’s dead.