Death Stranding and Equipment: In the Game of Kojima Was Planned … a Catapult!


To allow the player to face the disturbing stranded creatures and complete their journey through the United States of America now collapsing, the Kojima Productions team has put in place a large set of tools.

The equipment present in Death Standing allows the good Sam Porter Bridges to face even the most desperate situations, thanks to a discreet selection of weapons and vehicles. The videogame alters the ego of the actor Norman Reedus also has the possibility of shaping the game world by dedicating himself to the construction of different structures. It seems, however, that not all the creations created by Hideo Kojima and his team have finally found space in the final version of the game.

To offer us a bizarre clue in this regard is the official Art Book of Death Stranding. In the volume, there are in fact some concept art related to the structures designed by the developers for the game, including those discarded. Among these, a Reddit user warned a mysterious ” unused catapult structure “. Directly at the bottom of this news, you can observe an image of the strange structure, on which possible use the community is having fun developing hypotheses. What do you think about it?

We take this opportunity to remind you that Death Stranding is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4. A PC version of the game is expected for the summer of this year: the release date is currently unknown.

Wait, "Unused CATAPULT structure!?" from DeathStranding