Death / stranding of the PC Version to Use Denuvo, So that it will not be abused!


INDOZONE.ID Kojima Productions just select 505Games a publisher, the game of death / stranding. The game was released for the first time on the PlayStation 4 in the year 2019.

Price Rp829 thousand on Steam, it is proved that the game of death / stranding the gameplay and also the graphics quality is very high and requires a lot of resources to create a game like this.

Death / Stranding
Death / Stranding (Photo/Screenshot/Steam)

Recently, Kojima Productions announced that they will kidnap with the system anti-tamper Denuvo, the game of crackers, want the game.

Although, as we know, Denuvo is not fully overcome the firecracker, at least Kojima Productions game is not to be easily exploited want.

Figure logo Denuvo
Figure logo Denuvo (photo/Denuvo)

The reason for this is of course very detrimental to the Kojima Productions, if the game is worth Rp800 thousand, which can be played for free by players, with no respect for the game developers.

Just for info, the game of death / stranding of the PC version itself is planned to be launched on 3. June 2020. Later there will be a collaboration between death / stranding with Half-Life you can see his article here.

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