Death / stranding of the PC Version to Use Denuvo


The release of the 3. June, with a variety of bonus-preorder

Sam Porter bridges are ready to deliver Death / Stranding on the PC. One of the the game sensational of 2019 can now be enjoyed by the Gamer To feel PC you want the thrill of the delivery of the goods in the world post-Apocalypse.

However, the Gamer The PC should also be on the alert to avoid as Sam tried, BT in the trip. Mentioned that Death / Stranding the PC version will be using the system protection anti-pirated copies of Denuvo!

1. Offers a lot of bonuses

Death / Stranding the PC version ispublish from 505 Games, but Sony has not hands-off to a version of this. Death / Stranding the PC version brings some new features such as support for frame rate high resolution ultra wideas well as Photo-Mode.

Gamer on the PC, many receive bonuses, such as Exoskeleton armor artbook digital, as well as soundtrack. There is also a bonus Headgear the tap valve and the Headcrab from Half-Life.

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2. You can rely on the protection Denuvo

Death / stranding of the PC Version to Use

Surprisingly, Death / Stranding the PC version is the use of the protection system Denuvo. It is known by the Shop Page Death / Stranding in Steam.

The emergence of Denuvo in the game PC has always been the discussion of controversial. Denuvo is not actually a system of anti-piracy that is 100% immune. But also the use of Denuvo actually make the power the game worse. As a result, some of the the game how Devil May Cry 5, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Rime, life is Strange: Before the storm and Rage 2 disconnect the system from Denuvo.

3. Release Date 3. June

Death / Stranding release will be on PC, 3. June (2. June in Japan) and you can Pre-order started from now on. Check-out trailer the PC version on the video above!

What do you think about Denuvo Death / Stranding?

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