Debutante Elena Rose flowing with the surprises of life


“I feel that they really the people you need to listen to something, a song where you can disconnect from reality for three minutes”, said Elena Rose 25 years old in a telephone interview recently from his home in Miami. “I’m happy, really that yes. I don’t what I expected, I figured it out, but my whole life has been so full of surprises,” he added about his release when the world is in quarantine.

These surprises have included moves and changes of office unexpected, in addition to collaborations with great artists.

Elena Rose he was born in Miami to parents of venezuelan and grew up between Puerto Rico and Venezuela, where he studied for several years in journalism before returning to her hometown due to the crisis in socio-political and economic, through the south american country.

His career as a singer began in local bars and it was taking force. “A person took me to the other”, said. “I started playing in places getting better and I was getting to know musicians that I was going to see, songwriters that I was going to see, and I started to studio recording demos for other artists”.

He said that the first that she recorded a song its authorship was Ricky Martin, some two and a half years, but it never came out in the light. It was really with the song “Dollar” of Becky G that his career as a songwriter started less than a year ago, and since then his list of credits as producer, co-author or composer includes The “law” of CNCO, the “Police” of Emilia, “Tattoo” de Rauw Alejandro and “Your song” of MYA, among others.

“Writing for other artists became a passion that I never thought I was going to have”, said Elena Rose. “When it was given to me the opportunity to start writing with artists, and I really got to sit in a room I said ‘wow’, this is a process to therapeutic if you get to watch, because this artist is opening all his heart and all his soul, with you and what you’re asking is that what help to express an emotion, a feeling.”

“I really fell in love with it”, said. “I was able to train and studying the way camuflarme and be flexible within a space where I’m not being myself, where I can think of as I nothing else but like that person, too.”

With a look that’s very in the style of Marilyn Monroe — hair platinum, the outlined eyes of a cat — Elena Rose, whose real name is Andrea Elena Mangimarchi, appears in the video of the song “Sandunga,” for when it rolls in the head doing chores, for other with outfits and hairstyles glamorous.

But it was his grandmother Rose, and not the Hollywood diva, his source of inspiration.

“If I show you a picture of my grandmother is as if it was Marilyn redhead”, said the singer.

In fact, he explained that the purpose of the video was to represent your culture and who you thought was perfect to do so in a kitchen like that of their childhood in the home of his maternal grandmother, who appears in the clip between the other photos of your family.

“She was always super glamorous inside of the house. I am something went to her in the kitchen and then in… (other scenes) I represent the person that she told me that it could be: ‘You can go, go, fulfil your dreams, be the owner of your business, bring to the world what you want’”, said Elena Rose.

“That’s also why I’m arreglándome, dressing, ironing my money, how to represent these two parts of me that I feel that I identify quite well,” he added on the bales of greenbacks that washes, irons and bulges in a suitcase, and that symbolize the independent woman who can earn a living alone.

At the end of the clip, which was filmed in Los Angeles, Elena Rose you can be out the door.

What is the first thing you want to do when you finish the quarantine?

“Oh my God! I want to go out to embrace the whole world. I want to hug my friends. I realized how blessed I am to have people who are so special in my life. I just think them again.”

In the meantime, work on other songs from upcoming release that said that they are very different among them — “pieces of me”.