debuted as a TV judge for a TikTok star

It’s finally time for Xabi the Lame to make his TV debut. A Turin-based Chivasso tiktoker who gained popularity for his tongue-in-cheek videos became the world’s most followed on the Chinese video-sharing platform last June and is among the influencers who also boast the most followers on Instagram and Facebook. is about to make her TV debut in the new edition of Italia’s Got Talent.

Xabi Lame, who dreams of a future in cinema, after collaborating with stars such as Snoop Dogg, Will Smith, Alessandro Del Piero and many others, will make his debut as a judge in the new edition and will join the jury along with singer Elettra Lamborghini, Mara Mayonchi, talent scout and TV presenter, as well as actor and comedian Frank Matano. The episodes will be hosted by Frou and Aurora from The Jackal. The latter appeared in 2019 thanks to Italia’s Got Talent.

As such, he will be one of the protagonists of a program that boasts a success story. Twelve active publications and more than 1270 participants have passed this prestigious stage, showing their talent in all kinds of disciplines.

There were amazing performances by singers, comedians, dancers, illusionists, acrobats, as well as trainers, instrumentalists, ventriloquists, parodists and any other performers. Some of them, thanks to the program, have achieved success and are now recognized talents in the world of television, music and social networks, in Italy and beyond. Among them, for example, Max Angioni, Aurora Leone, Francesco Arienzo, Mary Sarnataro, Andrea Paris, Federico Martelli and Urban Theory.

For Xabi the Lame, who will have, like all the other judges, the opportunity to award the Golden Buzzer to the contestant who will especially impress him by sending him straight to the final, this is a great opportunity to assert himself in new guises compared to his now very famous parodies, which received social media followers from all over the world.

This edition of Italia’s Got Talent will be streamed exclusively on Disney+ and not on Sky TV. The debut is scheduled for Friday, September 1 exclusively on the streaming platform, with new episodes available every week.

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