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Decathlon has leggings with the same push up system that Jennifer López uses

To their 52 years, Jennifer Lopez He continues to captivate glances with his spectacular physical condition. The American artist makes it clear that she is very fit in her performances, while at first glance she is a spectacular figure.

It’s not by chance. The actress spends many hours taking care of her body and her health. Follow a strictly healthy diet. And he does not spare one of the gym sessions he has scheduled. And this is how JLo manages to leave his own and strangers with his mouth open.

Decathlon has a leggings with one of Jennifer López’s tricks

However, it can be said that Jennifer He also has a few tricks to improve his statuesque figure. For example, it is known that he uses pants of those that give a push up effect that improves the shape of the lower body. Something that, if you want, you can also imitate.

You can do it with the women’s leggings with push up effect that you can find in the multinational decathlon. The company sells them both in physical stores and on its website. And it does it at a price of 19.99 euros per unit.

Push-up effect leggings for sale at Decathlon

Push-up effect leggings for sale at Decathlon

Push up and flat stomach effects

These tights are manufactured by the brand Domyos and they have a rating of 4.7 out of five stars according to the buyers. And they are available in two colors: marble gray and steel gray.

Push-up effect leggings for sale at Decathlon1

Push-up effect leggings for sale at Decathlon

These leggings by decathlonIn addition, they lack seams, which makes them ideal for women who work on bodybuilding in the lower extremities. And you will also save yourself those uncomfortable irritations that seams usually produce.

In terms of design, these leggings feature a high-waisted cut for a flat stomach effect. And they are made with an extensible and very comfortable fabric. And to all this adds an extendable pocket on the right leg so that you can carry your mobile phone with you while practicing sports.

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