December 9: River’s party at the Monumental will be exclusively for members

Under the motto “December 9, the Eternal Cup”, River defines the last details of the great party that will take place on Thursday at the Monumental stadium to celebrate the third anniversary of the Copa Libertadores won in Madrid against Boca.

The same will be exclusively for members and all the expectation is set on a possible advertisement for Marcelo Gallardo about his continuity at the club after December.

At first, the Subcommission of the Fan had organized a caravan from the Obelisk to Núñez, to which it was added a special request from Gallardo to the leadership to open the Monumental stadium so that members can celebrate.

The DT was key for the club to organize the celebration officially.

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The club confirmed that the gates of the stadium will open at 8:00 p.m. exclusively for Somos River members and partners. The priority will be for the partners with “Your place in the Monumental”.

River announced that only members will be able to enter the party on December 9 at the Monumental.
River announced that only members will be able to enter the party on December 9 at the Monumental.

“It is important to note that the location will be automatically loaded into the Unique Card, with which the Monumental will be entered without the need to carry out any additional procedures,” indicates the River statement, which details how tickets should be obtained.

The role of Marcelo Gallardo in the celebrations of 9/12

According to what he was able to find out TN Sports, Marcelo Gallardo will have a leading role. He is even expected to speak to the fans. Nobody knows if he will make an announcement about its continuity, but the expectation is getting bigger.

The celebrations would be led by journalist Guillermo López, a fanatic River fans, and Sol Pérez. In addition, there will be singers, fireworks and a light show.

Marcelo Gallardo at River’s party

What time is River’s fan caravan on 12/9

The fans are summoning for Thursday at 17 in the Obelisco. At 7 p.m. the walk would start towards Alvear and Tagle. The Monumental will open its doors at 8 p.m. and only members will be able to enter.

The idea of ​​the fans is to bring shirts, flags, balloons and party favors, and a special request will be made to maintain order and cleanliness throughout the tour.

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