“Defend your boundaries.” Olga Polyakova spoke about the sexual education of daughters

Olga Polyakova shared her own (Photo: Press Service of Olga Polyakova)

Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova told how she is engaged in the sexual education of her daughters.

Polyakova is a mother of two daughters. The eldest Maria is already 15 years old and, according to the singer, she already communicates with the boy.

“ I know for sure that they haven’t had anything yet. I talk with her about what unprotected relationships are fraught with, ”says the shocking singer. She told about this in an interview with a Ukrainian magazine.

The youngest daughter, Alice, is nine years old. Polyakova believes that at this age it is still too early for a girl to know about methods of contraception. The artist tells her daughter that she should know and be able to defend her boundaries and not allow anyone to touch her.

“ I think at the age of 9 you don’t need to know about contraception,” said the singer.

In addition, Polyakova told how 2020 turned out for her. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on her professional life.

The music business, I believe, has suffered the most in this world,” said Polyakova. In this regard, she also had to save. On this occasion, she even openly entered into skirmishes with the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov and Viktor Lyashko, the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine.

In this regard, she also had to save. And first of all, she refused to spend on clothes and shoes.

I think brand mania will soon disappear. You used to buy a Yves Saint Laurent sweater and wore it for 15 years, but now why wear a sweater for 15 years? She will get bored next season. I have 14 fur coats that I keep in the refrigerator in the summer. I pay money for this and do not understand why: for 2 years I have never put on a natural fur coat. I think this is bad manners, ”the artist summed up.