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Defi Weekly Swap $ 17 Billion

In the past seven days, the decentralized exchange (dex) volume has reached $ 17 billion on 21 Ethereum dex platforms. Pancakeswap also ranged from $ 400 to $ 860,000 for 24 hours last week. Meanwhile, dex aggregators consume dex’s trading volumes, becoming more popular day by day.

Unswap Commands Higher Dex trade volume, Aggregation API 22% share of Ethereum-based Dex volumes

Decentralized exchange (dex) trading continues to account for billions of dollars in swaps per week. In the past seven days, dex trading has reached $ 17 billion on 21 Ethereum-based dex platforms. Over the past 24 hours, 21 dex platforms have had $ 2.95 billion in global exchanges and dex aggregators have reached $ 3.8 billion in 24-hour traffic. According to statistics from Dune Analytics, 1-inch Dex aggregators account for 22.7% of dex trade.

According to statistics from Dune Analytics, Dex aggregators now account for 22.7% of Dex trade.

Meanwhile, Pancakeswap, the dex of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has been hovering between $ 400 and $ 860,000 every 24 hours for the past week. The largest trading pairs on Pancakeswap on Thursday include CAKE, WBNB, ETH, and USDT. Uniswap is today the largest dex of the 21 Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges registered in Dune Analytics. Of the $ 17 billion total, Uniswap will raise 65.6%, or more than $ 11 billion, on global exchanges this week.

The five most popular Dex aggregation platforms today are 1 inch, 0x API, Matcha, Paraswap, Tokenlon

Uniswap is followed by Sushiswap, which takes up $ 2 billion or 12% of seven-day Forex trading. Sushiswap is followed by Curve ($ 1.5 billion), 0x native ($ 946 million), Dodo ($ 585 million), Bancor ($ 433 million) and Balancer ($ 303 million). The seven-day statistics show that Uniswap has the most merchants (or unique addresses) with 135,851 registered on Thursday. It is followed by 1 inch (34,842), Sushiswap (22,820), 0x API (17,627), Paraswap (5297) and Matcha (4,154).

Aggregators are steeped in trading as the platforms allow users to choose from multiple dex protocols and search for the best trades. Currently the best dex aggregator is 1 inch, followed by 0x API. These two dex aggregation platforms are followed by Matcha, Paraswap, and Tokenlon. This week, the best 1-inch dex aggregator revealed that it is introducing optimistic aggregation technology to reduce charges and network congestion.

What do you think about the best dex platforms and the seven-day trade traffic recorded this week? Let us know what you think on this topic in the comment section below.

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