“Defiance”: Forbidden feelings between Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams

From June 18, 2023 Mubi it’s available disobedience, another confirmation of the authorial value of the Chilean director Sebastian Leliowhich hit the headlines and captured the attention of the public with Glory (2013) fantasy woman (2017) and a remake of the first mentioned film, Gloria Bell (2018).

The film, a kind of thwarted and forbidden love story that ruins the lives of two main characters, is an amazing cast that has two adorable as absolute protagonists”Rachel“How Weiss And McAdamsand among the supporting actors stands out excellent Alexander Nivola.

Return of the prodigal daughter to her father’s house

Ronit ran away from her father’s house many years ago.

From London to New York for an escape made inevitable and conceived with no prospect of return, to escape a life sentence imposed without any possibility of mediation by religious prescriptions independent of means.

Until the unexpected return, face to face, between embarrassment and uncertainty, mourning with vigil, after the disappearance of the key person of this forced and necessary escape.

Ronit, a handsome and famous photographer in her forties, is forced to return to her home community in her Jewish district of London as soon as she learns that her rabbi father has suddenly passed away.

Relations between them are reduced to a minimum, and even more. Result: the daughter did not even know that her father’s condition had worsened; instead, the father publicly stated that he had no children.

The sad return of a woman, exacerbated by the sharpening of unpleasant memories in the soul, which mature as the gaze returns to the characteristic environment of an unhappy childhood to such an extent that it makes it indispensable years after an uneventful escape. return .

The aggravation of that sense of guilt, from which a woman today understands that she never really managed to give up, turns into bitterness when she receives confirmation that even the illustrious parent by now tried her best to forget about her.

Passion that explodes with uncontrollable force

Ronit welcomes her father’s smartest and most loyal young employee, Dovid, who happens to be married to the beautiful Esti, who represses her homosexuality in the name of a religion that does not tolerate relationships deemed unnatural.

Ronit eventually becomes, though not consciously willing to do so, the spark that sets the flames on fire.

For far too long this community has done too much out of respect for principles, never indulging the sensations, the vital instincts of a community apparently inhabited by people who are often secretly frustrated and intractable.

Disobedience – Overview

Sebastian LelioChilean film director Glory and the American remake Julianne Moore academy award 2018 with touching fantasy womanalso returns with this first American star-inhabited adventure to deal with uncontrollable instincts, with a label that kills every semblance of humanity in the name of a castrating and deviant religious and moral doctrine that ends up causing people to fake their own life rather than live it with full responsibility and with the most adequate sequence.

Lelio makes an interesting, suffocating film that revolves around the dark environment of a doctrine that somehow preaches peace and tolerance, but contradicts itself, provoking and justifying repressive and intolerant behavior dedicated to the most intransigent and heartless closure.

The contrasting and indecisive alchemy created between the successful and the erotic triangle formed by the three good actors involved is of fundamental importance: Rachel Weiszmagnificent and suffering, Rachel McAdams sacrificial and sacrificial, and the best Alexander Nivolaa student-turned-teacher who can afford neither concessions nor carnal temptations beyond an unlikely and inevitably unresolved marriage of convenience.

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