Dehydrated after a hike, she does not feel well: rescuers stay at the shelter all night to check her condition

BEAUTIFUL. blame malaise after being arrived at the shelter And in quote I am arriving rescuerswho sleep in structure to check That woman’s condition. This happened late yesterday evening (August 24) in Bellunets: live there misfortune first tourist American 32 yearsWhat was it felt bad while at the shelter Pian de Fontanaat the end of the segment violas Street number 1.

There Suem Central activated mountain rescue Longarone around 21 and seeing this The woman’s condition is unknown.quick command including nurse AND straightaway correspond. At the same time others were preparing rescuersalso coming from Stations neighboring for a possible transport in stretcher.

traveled distance in one hourrescuers arrived at asylum and contact Central 118it was decided wait there morningsince the malaise could be attributed to one dehydration during day. Then a nurse and another lifeguard stayed all night V refuge. This morningoperators say the woman was recovery fullyup to the continuation of the walk in the direction refuge white exit.

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