Del Debbio snaps at Marans: “But what does that mean?”

“Damn, are you laughing?” Brilliant move Paolo Del Debbio bring this to the studio Forehand and backhandon Reta 4, a handful of “Maranza“, stand in front of them and transform while the entire audience erupts into roars. Long minutes between social documentaries and “How do you dress?” programs to shed light on the human core. For those who don’t know, “Maranza” are the people of the very young “owners” of the Italian suburbs. A mixture of rap, tasteless clothes, catchphrases and criminal temptations. One of them does not want to be included in the child gang phenomenon: “The word Maranza does not mean a criminal. The word “maranza” is culture: having a suit, a tracksuit, a wallet. Being a criminal is very different and that really bothers me.”

Del Debbio observes him with the eyes of an entomologist, and then pierces him: “Being a culture is a powerful expression, what does it mean?” “It’s a way of life that doesn’t involve criminal activity.” The rapper comparison is delicious Diego Wheelerstage name “Wild West” and Johnny Depp look Milanese, and editorial director For free Capezzone, who dubbed it this way: “I am always for freedom and against any censorship. I can also say that these lyrics disgust me for what they represent. Shooting, blades, iron, where do you want to go? The key moment is when Del Debbio, to the laughter of the audience, asks very young people: “If I wanted to become Maranza, should I buy the same shoes as me?” “TN is a fundamental thing. Tracksuit, any type of team. Vest, tarot bag, not original.” Everyone went shopping.

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