Delay the release of James Bond: Die No time to Reach the loss of the MGM Estimated Rp426 billion : Okezone celebrity


LOS ANGELES – Production house MGM has announced the postponement of the release of the James Bond movie: No time for that. Planned until April 2020, the 25-film of James Bond-now it will be broadcast in November.

James Bond: Die No time

Quote The Hollywood Reporterto bring the delay to the publication of James Bond: No time to Die, potentially to a loss to MGM. At least the MGM a loss of between USD30 million (Rp426 billion) is up to USD50 million (Rp711 billion euros).

Although the cost of the marketing-James Bond: No time not been released to the Die, but is predictable if the film is Daniel Craig, has released huge funds for marketing. One of them is if the cost of video ads James Bond: released No time to Die at the Super Bowl in the year 2020, the allegedly USD4,5 million.

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However, the rating of a step-delay in the publication as the correct decision. Because, you see, as the weakening of the cinema market in different countries of the world, the publication in April brings many benefits for James Bond to Die in No time.

James Bond: Die No time

Cinema of the world is weak, with the spread of the corona virus. In China, about 70 thousand movie theaters closed because of the spread of the virus. The same happened also in other countries such as Japan to Italy.

“Obviously, the right decisions, with a focus on public safety, the us as a worldwide first,” said producer Barbara Broccoli have.