Demdem “unconscious” during her pregnancy: the wife of Gims receives threats …


This January 7, Demdem shared on Instagram videos of her skiing, 6 months pregnant … Internet users gritted their teeth!

” Demdem’s opinion is powerful … I consult her on everything, all the time, always, for the clips, for my way of dressing, to see if it sounds or not. And for the children, well. sure”. This is the very nice declaration of love that rapper Gims made to his wife, Demdem, during an interview with our colleagues from Paris Match. Since last March, the couple has been nursing again, when the pretty brunette gave birth to their fourth child. A pregnancy that she had completely hidden. And of which she finally agrees to reveal some images … not without criticism!

On skis at 6 months of pregnancy

Last November, Demdem shared on the Web an (old photo) of her baby bump, taken during this secret pregnancy. And this January 7, she did it again with a new series of videos from the time. Toured during her family ski vacation last winter, Demdem was 6 months pregnant at the time. She commented on videos of her man and her brother-in-law Dadju: “1) Gims tries a 360, 2) Demdem too stylish 6 months pregnant thank you. Dadju I have no words”. And to promise: “Skiing is all about bars. Next time I’ll take a go pro, there are too many nuggets left in the shadows there”.

About Dadju, she also revealed that on the skis: “He distracted me so that I fell more.” To respond to the most stressed who criticized her for being “unconscious” or “crazy” Demdem guaranteed: “I was very careful”, or “I was tired but the mountain air, there is no better”. “I’m confident. Pregnant I don’t do when I don’t feel it.”

She responds to a persistent rumor!

Demdem, who always ignores the attacks (and threats) she receives on Instagram, is happy to have done well for her daughter during her descents on the snow. “Yes, there is a child who has lived,” she said. And to respond to the most inveterate conspirators who continue to follow her, that at least thanks to these rare documents, they will no longer be able to say that she has appealed to a surrogate mother to enlarge her family! And that’s clever!