Demeo has released a new campaign: Realm of the Rat King

Today, developer and publisher Resolution Games has unveiled a trailer for a new campaign for Demeo, dubbed the Realm of the Rat King. The update is free for all game owners.

The city of Sunderhaven is suffering from infection and asks for your help. Wild rats have begun to appear, and rumors are circulating among the locals that someone is controlling them … or something. It’s time to delve deeper into the sewers near Sunderhaven to find the source of this mysterious calamity and eliminate it by any means necessary.

The new update includes:

  • New environment: the sewers are dark and very dangerous. With endless dangers lurking in the shadows, adventurers will stick together if they want to survive.
  • New Enemies: Spore Fungus is filled to the brim with poison, so watch your steps – and don’t let the multi-headed Gorgon catch your eye, or you might just turn to stone!
  • New Maps: Decorate your path with the reliable Torch Map, heal any poisons with a new antitoxin, and go on the offensive with your new Web Bomb.
  • New Boss: The Rat King is the last monster you’d like to be trapped with when you’re five levels underground, but this is where you’ll find this terrifying monarch who is literally attached to his subjects.
  • We’ve also added bug fixes and balance tweaks to make the game even better.

The cost of the game on Steam costavlyaet 515r .


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