Demi Lovato lashes out at digital retouching she’s a victim of


The singer says that seeing her modified photos is “offensive” and “degrading”

Demi Lovato continues with her particular crusade against the dictatorship of supposed physical perfection, responsible for those impossible beauty canons to which more and more young people aspire and that, by not fulfilling them, lead them to fall into frustration and even hatred to themselves.

On this occasion, the pop star has charged in very harsh terms against those applications and other digital tools that allow excessive editing of the facial features of their users, since they are “very harmful” for all those boys and girls who do not know They accept as they are, due to both internal and external pressure.

As for her, seeing her photos modified ad nauseam to display an overly idyllic image of herself, a task her own fans dedicate themselves to, is ” offensive ” and ” degrading ” to her by implying that her appearance is not even accepted by her own followers: a very negative dynamic that is precisely associated with those absurd standards that, above all, pop stars like her suffer.

“Sometimes ‘fan art’ may seem harmless, but you have to be careful about constantly editing your idol photos. You should avoid at all costs anything that may lead to reinforcing those beauty standards, even if they are supposedly aimed at praising your favorite actors, singers, or models. It is absurd and even insulting, very harmful to your self-esteem ”, she explained.