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After starring in Camp Rock and becoming a rock star, Demi Lovato is giving fans nostalgia with her latest studio album. UPDATED revisits and transforms ten of Lovato’s pop hits, turning them into rock songs that suit the artist’s genre-shifting.

Lovato began performing rock versions of her greatest hits during the tour. HOLY FVCCrock album they released in 2022. After a positive response from fans, they decided to re-record and release rock versions to play fan favorite tracks without conflicting with the new rock style.

The opening track “Heart Attack – Rock Version” starts with classic synths, but soon after the softer pop rhythm of the original is replaced by heavy drum beats. Lovato’s genre shift is noticeable when the chorus hits the same high notes as before, but with new electric guitar and drums. Later in the song, new riffs and note changes showcase Lovato’s mature voice.

One of four collaborations on the album, “Sorry Not Sorry (with Slash) – Rock Version” pairs Lovato’s powerful vocals with Slash’s powerful guitar solo. Lovato’s collaboration allows them to add a twist to the same tunes fans have been playing for years. Updated vocals and melodies are featured on “Neon Lights (with The Maine) – Rock Version” with harmonies introduced by John O’Callaghan.

The song “Cool for the Summer – Rock Version” uses slight changes in the lyrics to show Lovato’s growth. Lovato’s playful lyrics of “Don’t tell your mother” collide with “Go tell your mother”, trading the song’s initial secretive approach for a shameless one, with a darker delivery of the voice.

Slowing the album down a notch, “Skyscraper – Rock Version” contains the same themes of empowerment and overcoming obstacles as the original 2011 track. The 2023 re-recorded version showcases Lovato’s softer vocals on the album, maintaining the same nostalgia and memories as before.

“La La Land (feat. Nita Strauss) – Rock Version” revisits the fan favorite, allowing fans to compare Lovato’s adult vocals to their angsty 16-year-old vocals from 2008. The song features guitar from touring solo artist Nita Strauss. with Lovato as guitarist.

The tenth and final track of the album, “Don’t Forget – Rock Version,” ends the album on a completely different note than it began. The quietest song on the tracklist, it leaves listeners with a gentle reflection of the original themes Demi had in mind for her songs.

UPDATED brings together Demi Lovato fans new and old with the singer’s reimagining of classics, turning pop cult classics into rock anthems. Thanks to the updated sound, the release UPDATED takes listeners through Lovato’s career and growth as an artist.

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