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Demi Rose shows off her figure underwater and looks amazing

Mexico. Demi Rose, a famous model who has starred in several advertising campaigns in many countries of the world and is also one of the most followed currently on social networks, she does not stop sharing content and a video circulates on Instagram where she is modeling underwater.

Demi Rose, originally from United KingdomIt has an incomparable beauty and that is in large part precisely why its success in the networks where it has millions of followers from all over the world and always surprises with its publications.

In the video where she appears submerged in the water, she comes out wearing a short bathing suit and close to her body, making her look incredibly spectacular, as some fans express it, while others write in their comments that she is a goddess, a queen of beauty and in that video she looks like a mermaid.

Demi Rose has achieved fame since she became known on the Internet and many came to name her “Selena Gómez’s double”, and she always makes an impact by wearing short swimsuits, others daring and with which she leaves nothing to the imagination She also has a captivating smile that makes her look angelic.

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Rose loves to show off her charms in daring and unique outfits, and as an example it is worth remembering that for Valentine’s Day she was practically naked. A few red petals were part of his “clothing”, and this publication made it viral when he uploaded it to Instagram, it also originated thousands of Likes as soon as he uploaded it to Instagram.

Demi has more than 16 million followers on Instagram and also in recent days she wore her charms in a transparent white outfit “close” to her body and also moved the whole world. “You look like an angel”, “Beautiful”, “Unique”, “Majestic”, “Spectacular” and “Hot”, were some of the compliments they wrote on Instagram.

Demi always manages to captivate her male and female fans and is always the object of mischievous and unexpected compliments from them, who are always on the lookout for her to upload content to admire her, especially her beauty which they define as “unique”.

The beautiful British woman is 1.58 centimeters tall and is already one of the most sought-after top models in the modeling world and has also managed to get called to appear on the covers of high-end magazines such as “FHM”, “Zoo” and “Nueces” and has participated in music video clips with Chris Brown and DJ Khaled.

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And she is very careful about her personal life, since she does not like to talk about it very much and prefers to keep it private as much as she can, however the media revealed that she had an affair with rapper Tyga in May 2016.

He also would have had an affair with James Rodríguez and such news went around the world because in 2015 the Colombian midfielder was one of the stars of Real Madrid, in addition he was married to Daniela Opsina.

Demi loves to travel around the world and surprise her followers with unique images. In one of them, for example, he posed standing inside the Dead Sea, which is located between Israel, Palestine and Jordan; As could be seen, the British woman got into the water dressed in a tiny white bikini that highlighted her hourglass figure.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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