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Demi Rose’s transparent dress leaves everything in plain sight!

The beautiful one British model which has conquered millions and continues to do So Demi Rose, shared a long time ago a photo wearing a transparent dress, no doubt more than one of her millions of fans were left with their mouths open when they saw her.

Thanks to that Demi Rose he opened his account a couple of weeks ago in OnlyFans this type of content will gradually disappear from your Instagram account, now you will have to pay $11.11 dollars per month to be able to view your content.

For a couple of years the curvy model became a celebrity, but over the years her number of followers began to grow thanks to her content, which could be affected thanks to this account.

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Like her other Instagram personalities have been dedicated to dabbling in this new industry some names that you may know are: Noelia, Anastasia Kvitko, Jem Wolfie and Gianluca Vacchi with her partner Sharon Fonseca.

Still taking advantage of the little content you have on Instagram like this photo on January 20, 2018 the model appears standing in the middle of a desert place, wearing only a transparent dress or gown, leaving her beautiful and extremely flirtative figure in view.


Although this piece is totally transparent we can not completely see its figure with the naked eye, this thanks to the edition and the black fabric that has several folds, only when you pay close attention you can see it without difficulty.

Very much in spite of the fact that you can barely see its charms you can appreciate the later ones since Demi Rose he is on his back, in his description he only put a black heart, perhaps alluding to his black and transparent gown.

Of all colors”, “Woman you are a dream”, “Really everything fits you well”, wrote some fans.

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Salt, Cape Verde apparently it is the place where apparently it is very close to the West African thing, go that takes advantage of its trips the famous model with large curves, continuously surprises us with new trips to paradisiacal places, so it has shared the last few weeks is on the island of Ibiza.

For Demi Rose it is very easy to excel in any type of outfit she wears, thanks to her curves and tiny waist she manages to do it without any problem, something with which her fans are more than happy.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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