Denim look summer 2023: how to choose according to the stars

land the stars know it well: it’s really hard to find more versatile clothes than long jeans. Even in the summer of 2023, it is almost impossible to refuse denim trousers in an outfit: as proof, fresh images from Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes, Cate Blanchettamong others.

Bootcut jeans: five fashionable looks that make life easier

Bootcut jeans: five fashionable looks that make life easier

Celebrities prove that no matter the age or climate, a pair of classic, straight-leg, airy jeans is always the most comfortable choice. And they are always comfortable, even more than in shorts, despite the fact that the temperature outside continues to rise. How to solve a problem?

Models for stellar summer 2023

The tricks that actresses, supermodels and It Girls have been using lately show the way forward to go wrong when it comes to pairing with long jeans in the summer. In general, pay attention model selection: among women’s summer jeans, the most loose, straight fit and mid rise, less intrusive than the classic high waist. Color? Mostly light denimshades of the season, except that confirms the rule adopted by style expert Kendall Jenner: dark indigo (but on a lighter canvas). Slightly cropped or ankle length, fresh summer 2023. knee slit jeans“broken” but not in bad taste, for copying Olivia Wilde.

Summer top choice: 3 styles to pair with jeans

After a careful selection of women’s summer jeans in accordance with the highest taste of celebrities, it remains only to follow their style advice. In the summer of 2023 there are three i top over jeans which are most popular to keep cool: starting from the tank top model Emma Robertswith a square neckline, perfect with ballerinas.

Tank top and flats, Emma Roberts denim outfit for the summer of 2023 (Photo: Getty Images).

Very popular with celebrities short t-shirt to show part of the navel: white and plain like Hailey Bieberworn with a men’s leather waist belt. And finally, the trendy 90s trumpet top, which is also perfect for an evening cocktail, as suggested. Elsa Hoskwhich completes the look with hyper-chic strappy sandals.

Accessories that refresh your look with Summer 2023 jeans

To make your denim look truly summery, you need to focus on the most noticeable accessories of 2023. Like a raffia bag from Katie Holmesor a bag in a bright contrasting color, as mentioned Ella Richards. Sunglasses that do it right away Summer mood, even in the city? Copy mirror template Isabeli Fontana.

Raffia accessories refresh the basic look of jeans: words by Katie Holmes (Photo: Getty Images).

Jeans in the evening, summer

When it gets cold after the beach, she lays down on her jeans Shirtwhite and more Dua Lipa. For the coldest – a shirt jacket and a matching blazer. full denim From Rita now AND Cate Blanchettor classic sweater on the shouldersdusted off by someone who knows the trends: Alexa Chung.

A casual shirt, straight-cut cropped jeans and wedge mules that will be copied for Alexa Chung in the summer of 2023: an off-the-shoulder sweater is included (Photo: Getty Images).

And if she brings it, we really need to break the holiday cliché: after a certain hour the breeze makes itself felt. And it is at this point that the choice of long jeans seems really right. Outdoors, with style.


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