Denis Brogniart is not approved bikini sexy Ines


This year, in Koh Lanta, the bikini top from Ines has done much to respond to. Denis Brogniart has confessed that it is him in this outfit.

Denis Brogniart back to the matter, the agitated Koh-Lanta 2020. In fact, the moderator has said everything he thought, the bikini Ines. MCE TV tells you everything in detail !

You surely remember, this controversy has the canvas stirred. In the case of the broadcast of the first episodes, the users were outraged by a small detail.

Well ! Inès, the adventurers of the new season of Koh-Lanta 2020 has not gone unnoticed ! In fact, your bikini is ” too sexy “ therefore, the attention of the public.

And for good reason ! His outfit was presented the model number, of the then his butt bounced. Always good, criticism of the user stored on the social networks.

Denis was Brogniart, so entrusted, what he thought of our confères Tv entertainment. It’s not complains, so the piece of fabric…. But the beautiful plastic of the applicant.

Koh-Lanta 2020: Denis Brogniart shocked by the bikini-sexy Ines ?

Koh-Lanta 2020: Denis Brogniart shocked by the bikini-sexy Ines ?

An outfit” not suitable “Koh-Lanta 2020

“Your bathing suit was very classic. Except that, if, if you do a little sports, and you have bounced the po, the physical fact that your Jersey fits a little in the butt. “

For the mediator of Koh-Lanta 2020, this bikini was not suitable for such a mission. “Therefore, this swimsuit is not really suitable.

Denis admits that he had recommended, therefore, that the candidate of Koh to change Lanta 2020, obliged.“And I am the first, and as soon as this game realized I suggested, Inès put a shorty, a little more enveloping. “

Inès does not belong, therefore, to the extent of the criticism. Because, after all ! It is not” a swimsuit“. And especially ! Millions of vacancières wear.

Denis Brogniart seems to be so do not be so shocked. “Don’t do that, three times, nothing is a thing. And let’s not forget that on all the beaches of France, the fashion in a bathing suit identical to Ines. “

Today, the young nurse is 25 years old still in the race. And one thing is for sure ! You listened to the tips from Denis ! Because in the following episodes, she opted for an outfit more opaque.