Denis Brogniart is responding to the controversy over the bikini to sexy Inès !


Already in the first episode of Koh-Lanta, The island of the heroes, Inès was a surprising way. From his side, Denis Brogniart has also responded to the canvas. Discover the funny tweet of the moderator.

Inès and her outfit in the first episode attracted all the attention of the audience Koh-Lanta, The island of the heroes. The cause of this ? The adventurer has decided, in a race, a panties, shows the his post. It was not necessary to do more, the buzz on the canvas. To crenate, given the controversy of the swimsuit, Denis Brogniart responded to the canvas. You can say that in this case, less funny to laugh is the presenter of 52 years. 28. February 2020, he wrote : “Tell me, friends. What do you think of the new short of Ines ? “

Many users, especially men, responded to the host of the program. Among the tweets, one can read, among other things : “You prefer the old one, “” was The other one better ! “, ” Seriously, is the prod that made him remark, that it changes, or if you realized that you should change something ? ” By the continuation, the speaker replied that Inès is your bikini sexy. According to him, it is so far more ready for the next tests.

In the face of this wave of commentary on her panties too sexy, Ines has also responded to the canvas. The least one can say is that the young woman is widely appreciated for the comments about her outfit. In the second sample, the beautiful brunette, she wore a swimsuit more cover, as already Denis Brogniart explains. The latter has more dedicated this second episode to the late adventurer legendary Koh-Lanta (2002 and 2012) Nicolas Roy.