Denis Brogniart, the bikini Ines !


On his Twitter account, Denis Brogniart, the host of Koh-Lanta, 2020, comes irony on the subject of bikini “controversy” by Ines

During the first episode Koh-Lanta 2020if Joseph has over him, so the fire goes out for revenge””, Inès was also a part of the people and strengthens the reaction. In fact, the Jersey from him, the than to sexyhas the debate on the canvas. That is why, Denis Brogniart is amused by the situation after the second episode.

The young woman was to react quickly, after he shirt, the reactions caused by his t. By his account Instagram: “You have to relax, it is a pair of buttocks, the boys, it goes back down and goes to calm himself down. I have the impression that it is just me, a pair of buttocks. There are those who will tell me, ” Yes, but there is that shows you “. Bah believe me, I do what I want, it’s mine ? To get around things very much more serious to us. My ass, to speak longer, which grew to a child with small -“.

The candidate Koh-Lanta 2020 not wrong. By the way, you could count on the support of Denis Brogniart who has not failed, the “revival” of the discussion on Twitter after the second episode of the program.

Thereof, by the fans Koh-Lanta 2020what you thought of the new Jersey by Ines. The young woman, for an “outfit” and more strictly.

Koh-Lanta 2020: Denis Brogniart, the bikini Ines !

Koh-Lanta 2020: Denis Brogniart, the bikini Ines !

Denis Brogniart asks for the opinion of the fans of Koh-Lanta, 2020 in the new Jersey of Ines

Like, what, a piece of cloth triggered many reactions. It seems that Inès had planned. In fact, that they did not know that his Jersey would the fans react Koh-Lanta 2020she continued, however, a different “outfit” a few days later about the shooting.

Well the moderator of Koh-Lanta 2020 the bar for irony took advantage of the situation. And asked the fans on Twitter:To me, the friends say. What do you think of the new short of Inès? #KohLanta “.

Most, ironically, in turn, know that they are “disappointed” and would have preferred only you the ” first Jersey “. We hope that with this “joke” on the part of the host, the users go, to reach, to relax, noodle, and a bit less tacler the young woman, with her outfits…