Denise’s record, always behind the counter for 63 years, seven days a week.


CITTÀ DI CASTELLO (Perugia) – for 63 years, has been constantly working to satisfy the tastes of numerous regular customers. On the eve of August 15th at work – as always since 1960 – for Fiorella Flavi, 81, for all “Denise”, the undisputed queen of the covered market, the “cave” for locals, the historical connection between Via Cavour and Via del Popolo, an authentic gallery of taste and a showcase of gastronomic delicacies, fish and fruit and vegetable delicacies.

There are never days off, only those that are imposed by law from the calendar that since 1960, only eighteen years old, Deniz has honored every morning with an alarm clock at dawn, in an apron and a cap behind the counter of a delicatessen. butcher shop, cheeses and local delicacies, first with her husband Gabrio Guerrucci and then for several years with her daughter Alessandra, always smiling and kind to a large clientele.

Even today, the tradition is observed that the eve of August 15, a symbol of the summer exodus, holidays of at least one day, should be marked by a picnic in mountain meadows or on the sand of a beach near the sea or on the seashore. Lake.

“The traditional menu is always a 60s menu based on cold cuts, kilometer zero ham, fresh or aged cheese, Umbrian bread, seasonal vegetables and herbs, tomatoes, marrow flowers and the ubiquitous watermelon, all accompanied by a good a glass of wine,” says Deniz, advising her loyal customers and numerous tourists, including VIPs and famous people who still rely on her today to better organize a traditional trip out of town in mid-August.

Among them are numerous shoppers who in the sixties and seventies went to the covered market stall to shop for mid-August with their parents, and today the parents take turns with their children in tow are still there. continue a tradition that belongs zealously to the history of urban customs.

Denise first opened the door to business at just 18 years old in 1960 and hasn’t taken a day off since. A real commitment to work, to the local community and to clients always in the same place, at the back of the covered market next to the fish market, which has won him many official awards, including those from the municipality of Citta di Castello and Citerna (the municipality where he lived for several years) and the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia.

Always staying at his post, he practically traveled the world, serving and entertaining customers from all continents and regions of Italy with anecdotes and many details about the products he sells. Not knowing different languages, she always gained understanding through tricks and tricks, which she still uses to seduce clients.

First of all Tifernati, and then famous personalities, from Alberto Burri to Monica Bellucci, Carlo Fuscagni, Marcello Tusco and Gwyneth Paltrow, who are attracted by her typical products and her smile.

“Happy mid-August,” exclaims Denise, posing for a traditional photo with her daughter Alessandra, “I always recommend the Italian, Umbrian products and traditions of Alto Tiberina, which are second to none and are a guarantee of taste and health.”

The wish that Mayor Luca Sekondi and Trade and Tourism Advisor Letizia Gherri convey to all local residents and the many tourists present in the city: “Our hoteliers, merchants and owners of public establishments of all kinds in the historic center and suburbs are the main players in tourist hospitality, even short trips and all our thanks to them for the dedication and dedication they put into their daily work.”

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