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There are people who have decided to show them to propose marriage – read A$AP more videos dmb extension in which he asks for Rihanna’s hand with his teeth bling Bling – or who, how Justin BiberHe actually wore them on his wedding day in 2019, showing off a precious smile – According to the best information – thousands of dollars.

we are talking about the so-called grillz (or grills), small ornaments for the teeth, officially removable metal prostheses which – for a purely aesthetic purpose – are placed on the dental arches, and which may be made of various materials such as gold Silver Or covered with diamonds and other precious stones, They may wear just one tooth or, as is customary among various stars, cover a real set of teeth.

The origins of this fashion lie in the rap scene between the eighties and the nineties, where cover your teeth with gold It designated a kind of statement of affirmation, almost a symbol of the ascent to success, of redemption. a practice which, according to many, though for different purposes, finds its infancy in the time of EtruscansNotorious for the jewelry, gold bands, threads, and pins used for dental care and beauty.

It was the 2000s and then the years that followed sanctified the comeback grillz, a craze that has probably never completely subsided, especially among foreign stars, by whom it is extremely easy to be dazzled by a bright and dazzling smile. Celebs trending the most? Madonna, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and then again lizzo, on the red carpet Grammy Awards With teeth covered with precious stones of 2021.

But not only that. dental jewelry also expired catwalkor in advertising campaign – One of the collaborations between adidas and Ivy Park in 2020.

A phenomenon that, especially outside our borders, has seen the birth and development of many realities and artists known for their valuable creations. most popular names dolly cohenFrench designer, former dental technician, who has been in this field for ten years, who boasts among his clients stars such as Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Madonna and who just recently launched a limited edition Hai’s collection of diamonds (15 and 20 carats) for teeth is cut in five different sizes.

Among the upcoming names in the world of dental jewelry we also find Gabby Allen Jewelry, located in New York. The Instagram profile is a veritable creative universe of colorful and precious prostheses made to measure, including those that are designed to measure Marc Jacobs, LeBron James, Madonna, Kim Kardashian or for dua lipa A few years back – just to name a few.

Since this is a purely aesthetic purpose, at stake is the concept of grillz – The Real Grylls – No doubt about it, it took a lot of creativity, imagination, extravagance and a willingness to dare. Without limits or brakes.

Hopefully this isn’t the only way to spread smiles.

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