Deodorant Balls | Don’t throw away your roll-on deodorant: This way you can reuse it

this Deodorant and antiperspirant They are products used by many people daily hygiene.They are personal care products used for Prevent body odor.

Sweating is a natural process of the body that helps regulate temperature and eliminate toxins.However, perspiration is also Can cause unpleasant odor. This deodorant contains ingredients that help reduce body odor and keep us fresh and clean throughout the day.

Also, deodorant is okay Prevent bacterial infections, because sweat and bacteria accumulate in the armpits, which can cause skin infections such as eczema and dermatitis. Deodorant helps keep your armpits clean and free of bacteria, thus preventing these infections from occurring.

Types of deodorants

there are many Types of deodorants: Stick form – Apply directly to armpits for a dry, fresh feeling – Spray form – Spray product directly onto armpits – Cream form – Alcohol-free, apply directly to fingers and skin. It absorbs quickly – the roll-on method uses metal balls to distribute the product under the arms.

The ball spins and picks up a A small amount of deodorant liquid, which is released when applied to the skin. The way the ball distributes product ensures even application and helps prevent residue from building up in individual areas of the skin. Additionally, the ball helps avoid product waste because a certain amount of deodorant liquid is released with each use.


However, once the product is completed, usually discard and throw awayto the yellow container (the one with plastic).

reuse containers

However, when the ball is used up, you can give the ball, and the entire container, a second life.can be used as Gel dispenser with massager If you add a little bit of water so the gel isn’t too gummy or it won’t Apply liquid soap Don’t waste it.

In both cases, it is first necessary to remove the ball with the help of a punch or screwdriver, being careful not to injure yourself, and then, once the bottle is filled with the liquid in question (whether it is cream, gel or liquid soap), replace it. small ball.

Since it is a small container, it can be carried in a bag.

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