Department Of Agriculture 2020: Taylor Swift


All of the artists who will participate in the ceremony Of the Grammy awards stand out in some way, either by their clothes, their appointments, and awards, or in his messages to the politiciansbut there are also those who shine by their absence, and as he did, the singer and actress Taylor Swift, who has decided not to participate in the 62da edition of the Grammy Awards.

Through social networks, a lot of speculation about the reasons for which, in addition to this, She canceled out of a surprise performance that was going to perform the ceremony. Are you saying that Taylor has never been an artist, as confirmed by the Academy of Recording and performing in the evening, the other rumor has it that Swift has decided to break away from the scandal, which has stained to the Grammy awards, after the demand is made by Deborah Dugan, the former head of the Grammy winner, who has accused the Academy’s sexual harassment and misconduct in relation to the appointment.

The theory also confirms that the singer has lived through the hard times, after announcing that her mother is suffering from brain cancer and she decided to give up her social activities.

Swift was also nominated in the categories of Best song of the year, Best pop performance solo, and Best pop vocal album.