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The libel trial took place with open doors and cameras in Fairfax, Virginia, a location chosen not by chance, in which a bespectacled, pigtailed, earringed Johnny Depp accuses his ex-wife Amber Heard of libel, often with the air of a victim, available across three episodes (47, 48 and 50 minutes) on Netflix (as well as Sky Glass, Sky Q and Now).

Documentary filmmaker Emma Cooper directed the film.who has already collected secret recordings of Marilyn Monroe, reconstructing the marital battle in court without any restrictions, video or audio, in addition to mutual accusations that bounce around the court like tennis balls (drugs, alcohol, beatings, rapes with a bottle) worth millions of dollars.

It is known that Depp ultimately won. thanks to the live collaboration of millions of fans and girls who follow him on You Tube and TikTok, and while life goes on, they watch the trial: the film is intended to be an indictment against the social drift of one of the three trials of the star couple, whose wedding quickly took place in 2015 year. It follows the pattern of many courtroom films, hearings, juries, speeches, twists, doubts – a genre in which he is a master. “Witness for the Prosecution” Billy Wilder.

This is all true, but it seems fake. This is not so much a matter of controversy, well known and publicized, as it is the weight of social media in a media process in which various humanity online comment, perhaps under the guise of Deadpool. The play of shots and reverse shots between two actors who are often accused of playing a role is, in part, what it is. Therefore, the role of public opinion in influencing the outcome is of interest, and the film, by making ethical accusations, comes into play with the same role.

The result looks like the collapse of the “Me Too” movementDepp on screen as the listless Louis XV Madame du Barry and here he also dictates the law and wins.

Depp v. Heard, 2023, Emma Cooper, Netflix

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