Deputies demand compliance with CPR training law

The House of Representatives approved a draft declaration requiring the executive branch to take the necessary measures to comply with Law No. 7,840, National Law 26,835, to promote and train cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, approved by the Salta Cardiology Society.

Deputy Carolina Ceaglio stressed the importance of training in the face of “a large number of cases occurring outside of the hospital setting,” joined by her colleague Isabel De Vita Speaking to the foundation, she also stressed that national standards dictate a single agency registry ready to enable this type of training “because a lot of times we want to help, but we don’t know how to do it well”.

Julieta Perdigón recalled the presentation of a similar project in which they called for the extension of CPR training to “everyone who works in the public service,” including the legislative, judicial, executive , state-linked companies and decentralized organizations. Links to provincial states.

“We believe we have the resources to carry out these trainings, it’s not a project with a big project, we have the Salta Cardiology Association and other institutions that can carry out this training, it’s just a matter of will and a political decision,” he said explain.

Meanwhile, Deputy MP Roque Cornejo called for an update of the annual statistics, “which are essential for public policy legislation”.

“When we look at the Statistical Yearbook in Salta and want to look it up, we see that the latest information we have is for 2020: Sudden Cardiac Death 3.3%, Sepsis 2.6%, Pneumonia 4.2% of which, Heart Failure 2.3% , vascular accident, cerebrovascular disease 2.3%, new crown 13.4%, and the main reason is “other reasons”, 71.9%, that is to say, almost 72% of people died from “other reasons”. It is not enough to manage these statistics, “He said.

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