Deputy Mary Libier Gonzalez of Citizen Movement was positive to coronavirus


The mp Mary Libier Gonzalez tested positive in the pruena by COVID-19, confirmed the Parliamentary Group of the Citizens ‘ Movement in the Chamber of Deputies, so that it is already the second member of MC infected by coronavirus.

Wednesday, march 25, was announced through a press release from San Lazaro to the press that the deputy Jorge Garcia Alcibiades, Baja California, tested positive in the test.

Deputy Gonzalez, noting in a press release, started with symptoms of low grade fever on Wednesday, 18 deck; however, he attended the session of the plenary in the Chamber of Deputies. The preventive measures health taken in the premises allowed for their entrance to the parking lot he detected a fever.

After a first suspicion, Mary Libier Gonzalez, was referred to the medical services of San Lázaro. The doctor recommended that, after the review, which is withdrawn from the enclosure as a precautionary measure.

The deputy moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, with their families, where he was with a fever of around eight days, so we decided to go to a private hospital; however, the test of COVID-19 was performed in the General Hospital of the West, Zoquipan.

The Parliamentary Group revealed that the mp shows a favorable evolution and it is served in isolation by their family members, who do not make public their situation.

They also called on all the legislators who came to the match with the mp in meetings of work between the 10 and the 12 of march, adhere to the medical protocols, of foresight, care and follow-up that apply to you.

In the event of presenting symptoms, the deputies must go immediately to be tested for coronavirus. So far, no other legislator has shown concern in their health in this regard.

The deputy federal deputy, José Ricardo Medina Hernandez, it is another of those public servants who are reported to be infected by coronavirus. He could have contracted the virus in one of his recent trips to Spain, where he was with his wife and a group of tourists.

The test to detect COVID-19 in his body was taken in a private laboratory in the city of Veracruz, same that was positive. The deputy federal deputy remained in isolation with his wife, and banned him from direct contact with their children in order to prevent infections.

Medina Hernandez said to various media that after stepping on ground Mexico after spending one season in Spain, both he and his companions were summoned to take a second test. Most gave positive and inicieron the necessary protocols.

On the other hand, the deputy Jorge Garcia Alcibiades, diagnosed with the disease, it remains duly attended to by her family and in her home in Mexico City.

The Parliamentary Group of the Citizens ‘ Movement in the Chamber of Deputies he expressed his support to the members of the party, as well as to family members or friends who are living the process with them.

In Mexico the confirmed cases COVID-19 continue to increase, as the last court of the ministry of Health (SSa) confirmed that there are already 848 confirmed cases people with coronavirus, in addition to adding up to 16 deaths.

José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology, noted at a press conference from the National Palace there are 2,623 patients suspected and 4,341 cases that were negative. On the other hand, it was revealed that there are 27 states of the Mexican Republic with at least a positive case of coronavirus, 4 with more than 50 and only one with more than 101 cases.

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