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Inter cannot be stopped, firstly, they conceded zero goals. Compact and aggressive 3-5-2 formation, bombarding strikes, Lautaro, who seems to be the best in the world, has so far won 4 of the 5 derbies played this year.
Yes, this could also be the scenario, it would not be wrong, but you cannot approach Inzaghi’s Inter with fear and irritation. Unfortunately, the quality of Limone’s work is very high and the Nerazzurri are really strong and sometimes seem unstoppable; however, the last two seasons tell a different story, given that the cousins ​​have won 0 championships (and indeed 1 derby in the league out of 4), so it seems clear to me that someone stopped them at some point and more than once; Marotta is an experienced market and political man, but 3 years ago Inter were clearly more dangerous in relation to individual players. And finally, what has been achieved so far in the championship is also the result of a certain luck in the draw, so to speak, which put the Nerazzurri against two harmless, stupid teams and the only Italian team with an already European squad. cups. And 3 home matches (including derby) in the top 4.
“Milan” does not need to be afraid: we do not concede, we do not need to prove anything or take revenge, because, unfortunately, this was the case in May, and amen. This is not a game of revelation, but a game of maturity, and they realized this early. On the other hand, this year in Italy, if you want to win, everything will be like this, the difficulty coefficient will be doubled.

Inter versus Milan, maneuver and solidity versus movement and individuality. The summary is this. 9 average dribbles per game for the Rossoneri, 3 for the Nerazzurri, but the same number of shots on goal per game; Inter scored more (20 shots on average), Milan scored fewer (11), but scored the same number of goals. In defense, both teams are aggressive, but Milan rely more on anticipation and interception, Inter on direct ball control; The Nerazzurri set up camp in the opposition’s midfield, we always come out ahead, especially due to Leao’s raids.

Inter are highly unbalanced on the left, with 46% of attacks coming from the center and 27% on the right, while Milan are more balanced with a split of 34% on the left, 29% in the center and 37% on the right, where Pulisic’s bribe is evident. has already brought important results. And against such a strong team on the left flank it will be necessary not only to defend, but to attack even more, punishing Dimarco’s passes and moving the three Nerazzurri central defenders, who have so far been very little stimulated by the small number of players. opponents they faced. Giroud’s ineffectiveness in recent derbies is a result of the poor quality of our attacks and getting the Nerazzurri back on track is the first challenge: we need to get them moving and force Chiattanuga and Barella to retreat in defense, playing away from their comfort zone.
However, the Nerazzurri’s goal is always to serve the center with agility, serving Lautaro, who, in addition to being in excellent form, is also a center forward with many qualities. Our goal, however, is less clear, even if Leao’s isolation or Pulisic’s goal always seem to be the solutions sought; The American, who unfortunately will be the last to return to Milanello, has added quantity, quality, talent and goals in an area of ​​the pitch where only Messias put up decent numbers (despite his limitations), while Leao resumed at peak strength despite still failing to establish himself as a consistent scorer. In any case, the Portuguese is on the verge of a nuclear explosion and needs to be supported as much as possible: Omnipotence is one step away, let’s trust him.

From these first publications I would like to state that while Inter continues to compensate for a market that perhaps does not allow them to have everything they want (minus the enthusiasm of Gazzetta) with greater organization, Milan has actually strengthened and greatly strengthened team with a subscription campaign. The Nerazzurri seem to have adapted better than the Rossoneri to the sprint start, we seem to be a little less excited from a physical point of view compared to previous years, especially thunderous in the first half and then cope from 60th place. With three new players in the starting lineup, it was not easy to get on the field in an organized manner, already putting ideas into practice and getting results, but it is happening; and it is the quality of the grafts that is critical, as well as the fact that they were obtained at the right time and with effective planning. There is no contribution from other newcomers, but the derby does not seem like a good time for them to express themselves; however, the Champions League will also begin and the double commitment often puts them on the pitch.

Pioli’s Milan is the most convincing at the start so far, because they are winning, but without overflowing on all sides, without exaggeration.
In my opinion, this will not be a derby that will stop our growth, but rather will tell us that the bar may already be set much higher than expected.


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