Designated hospitals for the Covid-19 “fill up fast” – Policy


Mexico city, Mexico. The designated hospitals Covid-19 in the City of Mexico is ready to receive the sick, although in some, such as the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER), the 15 beds of intensive therapy are available, as are insufficient. Since yesterday, there are patients intubated in spaces available in other areas.

In accordance with the plan of conversion hospital, for the first phase in the INER are available 60 beds, of which 46 are already occupied. The next stage will be enabled 40 beds and if needed they would take care throughout the hospital, which has 178 places of internment.

The Hospital of infectious diseases of the National Medical Center La Raza of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), where the Monday died a nurse and a medical retired by the Covid-19, there are six beds of intensive therapy, and are available 140 in that service.

Until yesterday, a full floor was occupied by successors in title in surveillance Covid-19 and the perception is that is filling up fastrevealed employees of the institute. This situation contrasts with that of past weeks, when the demand for care remained virtually normal.

In the meantime, experts cautioned that although the majority of those infected will present a slight box, there is a group with high risk of developing serious complications. In this sector, which until now represents 5 percent of the total number of confirmed cases of the virus it is very aggressive, destroys the lungs and depends on the clinical situation of each person, but they do not overcome the infection and can die within a few days, commented.

Another hospital of the IMSS is the General Regional number 1 Carlos MacGregor, known as Gabriel Mancera, where he spent the sixth floor for patients affected by the new coronavirus, even though at the end of last week the number of patients suspected of having the infection were located in other areas for a few hours. Also you are freeing up spaces in the north wing of the hospital tower all floors

In this hospital, according to employees and family members of the beneficiaries, boarding schools for other reasons, it is necessary organization for the use of elevators, where until yesterday not meet the healthy distance.

In addition, the workers still did not have supplies to protect themselves from the transmission of the virus SARS-CoV-2. Some held face cloths simple despite the fact that they are in contact with people who are possibly infected.

In the Hospital of infectious diseases La Raza, workers warned that the authorities have not taken measures to identify the persons who were in contact with the nurse of 53 years, who until a day before being admitted to the hospital he was still working at the General Hospital of The Race.

They commented that the now deceased was covering the night shift and was on duty at other times, for which he was in contact with several companions who have been denied the possibility of the test of detection of the coronavirus, at least until they have symptoms.

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