Despite Covid-19, tuition must be paid, warns Profeco


The Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profecoclarified that the tuition “yes they should be paid”, although the contingency may be ways to ease payments: reduce the fees or give months without interest.

In a statement, the Profeco said the schools, by force majeure, can not continue to give classes, although most of them have implemented online classes to continue with the courses.

“It is appropriate that the schools and parents or students, be able to reconcile and agree on conditions of flexibility for making payments, which can go from parcializarlos, months interest free, reduced fee, or some other mode that is convenient to the parties,” said the attorney, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla.

The fees of march and April must be paid, but would need to be considered under certain special circumstances, since the classes are virtual and reduce expenses for electricity, water and other inputs at the sites.

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But, the health emergency “is not excuse or release the consumer from his payment obligations, as they do not receive classes due to a cause of force majeure”.

However, “we must address the issue school by school, even addressing situations of students in particular. Schools are equipped with the virtual media to be able to reconcile with the consumer without having to physically move,” he explained.


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