Despite playing for PSG, Leo Messi fulfills dream of old rival’s son

Despite dozens of football players and even referees requesting photos Leo Messi, it seems logical that the protagonist’s children are also attentive and constantly eager to meet the man from Rosario. This time, it was Wesley Sneed’s son, Xess Xava, who realized his dream.

Leo Messi pays tribute to Sneijder’s son

This Sunday, Inter Milan Miami face Los Angeles Football Club Welcome a new day in Major League Soccer. While Gerardo Martino’s team stayed at the hotel, whoever took to the hallways to fulfill their entertainment quota, Leo Messi.

Any football fan dreams of meeting the man from Rosario, and this time, it’s his turn Seth Hawaseven-year-old son Wesley Sneed.

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children together with Yolande KabauHis mother was escorted to the apartment where the star was staying Yassin ChucoHead of security for the Messi family. It’s then that the guards look for Ten and something magical happens.

Throughout the shot, you can see the boy’s passionate and never-fading smile. When he saw his idol, he even threw the ball he was holding. The most striking thing about this scene is that he is wearing a Paris Saint-Germain jersey (with the word 30 on the back).

“I’m so excited, mom. I’m already in Messi’s building,” the little boy’s voice can be heard in the posted video.

The child’s emotions can be seen in the video.

The rivalry between Messi and Sneijder

The man from Rosario and the Dutchman participated in several duels, but both had mixed luck. Wesley Sneijder played for Real Madrid from 2007 to 2009, a few years in which Barcelona excelled and Messi also shone. Subsequently, the European moved to Inter Milan and won the 2010 UEFA Champions League title by eliminating Culler in the semi-finals. There are also important crosses at the national team level, such as the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, where the player from Rosario reached the final after a penalty shootout.

Wesley Sneed

Go watch Messi star

When Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami team visit Los Angeles Football Club, ticket prices are rising exponentially and the show’s main stars are on hand to grab them.

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