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Yesterday morning, nurses from different offices and areas of the Rawson Hospital held the first day of the Nursing Expo, an exhibition that seeks to promote health care (see separate) and that will run until tomorrow, at the intersection of the pedestrian. In this context, the professionals who participated in the different stands spoke with this medium and said that, according to their experience and in the context of the pandemic, hand washing continues to be the great outstanding debt of San Juan residents, either because they are not they wash as many times as needed or because they don’t do it the right way. They also said that they are on alert because even though the pandemic attacks more slowly, people do not attend the hospital for consultations for other diseases.

Laura Ortega and Griselda Rodríguez work in Pediatrics at the Rawson Hospital. During the show, the nurses spoke about domestic incidents and how to prevent them. When talking about how the people of San Juan take care of their health, both agreed when saying that although people learned to take care of themselves a lot in relation to covid-19 infections, there is still much to improve in prevention. “People are afraid of being infected and stopped going to the daily consultations or to the controls for chronic diseases, but I think that the greatest fault that San Juan people have is poor hand washing. Most of them clean themselves with alcohol gel and believe that that’s enough, but washing is essential for good hygiene, “said Laura Ortega, while her colleague commented that despite the fact that more than a year and a half have passed since the first quarantine due to the pandemic, they note that there are many people they have very little knowledge about the disease.

In the same vein, Marisa Cañada, from the Infection Control Committee, said that because there are fewer positive cases, they perceive that people little by little stop taking care of themselves. “Many believe that the pandemic has disappeared and that hand washing is no longer important. Before, we thought that the pandemic was going to leave us with this deeply ingrained habit, but we still see people who do not sanitize their hands properly,” added the nurse. While

Pamela Castro, from the Medical Clinic, commented that in the context of covid-19 they are concerned because in addition to not practicing hand washing, they do not attend controls or consultations. “Diabetes and hypertension are scary pathologies, but there is no adherence to treatment. Especially in the context of the pandemic,” said Castro. And, coincidentally, Alejandra Riveros, another of the nurses at the Medical Clinic Internship, added: “Now we see that there are many consequences of the pandemic. People did not carry out the controls for chronic diseases or did not consult on time. This makes us go backwards. in the care and prevention of diseases. Now that the pandemic has given us a break, we invite people to return to the hospital for consultations, because there is much to prevent. “

Expo to promote care

In about 10 stands, nurses from the Rawson hospital held the Nursing Expo yesterday, which will continue today and tomorrow from 9 to 12, at the pedestrian crossing. There were stands in which they talked about obesity, diabetic foot, CPR and they even measured the blood pressure and blood sugar level of the people who passed through the sample. The activity is to promote health care.

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