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The studio is currently working on multiple projects, including multiplayer for The Last of Us 2.

Just a few days ago we learned that Naughty Dog is currently working on multiple projects. Among them, one of the loudest is the possible remake of The Last of Us, a game that has been a recurring rumor in the industry and that has won integers after the latest statements by Tom Henderson.

However, the second part of the play hit the market without multiplayer, with Naughty Dog’s promise that when it arrives, it will be something exciting. From the study they shared that it was a very ambitious project for which they have been hiring. It is not the first time that we come across Naughty Dog job offers for a multiplayer game and the question always revolves around whether it is the multiplayer of The Last of Us: Part II or a brand new title.

The Last of Us: Part II

On this occasion, it has been Screen Rant who has echoed a new job offer published on the studio’s website, in it looking for a designer for monetization and economics systems. Responsibilities include designing a comprehensive and sustainable monetization respectful of the player’s experience. It should also coordinate with the design and art teams to develop a game element creation plan that generates periodic updates in the play store.

Naughty Dog seeks to create a friendly economy for its new multiplayerAt no time is reference to which is the multiplayer game they are talking about, although they assure that it will try to maintain the same level of ambition and quality that has characterized his narrative games and that it is the studio’s first independent multiplayer game. At all times Naughty Dog talks about a new game, although it could also be the The Last of Us: Part II multiplayer mode, if it were to be released as a standalone title.

Regarding monetization, the offer does not speak directly about microtransactions or what kind of monetization they intend to use, although the description draws an outline game with internal and sustained economy, more similar to that of the models free-to-play than traditional payment titles. The Last of Us: Part II arrived in 2020 as one of the best games of recent years and in 3DJuegos we tell you why this was the continuation that we deserved.

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