Details and technical data of the Official PS5 Sony, the Features of the Ray-Tracing Makes it All Seem Real


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Due to the YouTube page of PlayStation, The Lead System Architect of the Playstation 5Mark Cerny revealed the specifications and details, the PlayStation 5.

Mark Cerny has revealed many of the details behind the technical components and the hardware on the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

One of the outstanding features of the PS5, Ray-Tracing also revealed by Mark Cerny.

The Lead System Architect of the Playstation 5, Mark Cerny
The Lead System Architect of the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny (YouTube/PlayStation) launched on Thursday (19/3/2020) PS5 SSD is driven-speed is very high.

In addition, with the I/O system, custom built-in GPU AMD custom with the tracking beam and the 3D-audio is very low.

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This ability, PS5 will make it possible to maximize the developers to use their creativity, the structure of the world wide, and build a new game experience in the game.

The use of SSD is very high-speed, PS5, and system I/O-built-custom designed to play with the aim of eliminating obstacles, especially when the screen was loaded.

Focus is given to the improvement of the speed, the developer the ability to create a greater world.

More rich, without the limitations of the traditional, such as open time, and allows the player more time to spend to play the game, instead of waiting (loading). solid-state drive (SSD) started as a storage medium read and write speeds faster than hard disk drive (HDD).