Detected 9 police officers with Covid-19 in CDMX; 59 are isolated


Detected 9 police officers with Covid-19 in CDMX; 2 are hospitalized

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The Secretariat of Citizen Security reported yesterday that there are 59 police officers isolates, of which nine were positive by COVID-19, two of which are hospitalized.

9 agents already gave positive evidence of COVID-19, therefore, isolates that are

The dependence explained that of the nine positive cases were located in two sectors belonging to the Undersecretariat of the Police Operation: St. Jerome and The Valley; the first features a case and the second with six, as to the two other policemen with this condition, one of them belongs to Police Banking and Industrial (PBI), and one at the Auxiliary Police (PA).

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While that of the 59 officers who are in isolation, the Southern Zone has the largest number of cases, with 25; followed by the North Zone, with six; Center Zone, with five; East, also with five, and the West side, with three.


On the police Efrain Santillan Morales, who carried out surveillance work at the festival Vive Latino and 11 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, the local Health department gave no information on the site where the agent was able to get it.

The unit noted that, according to epidemiological studies, in particular the School of Public Health of the Johns Hopkins University, the estimation of the incubation period of the coronavirus is 5.1 days, “unfortunately the police could have been infected in any other way”.

Santillan Morales presented vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain the next day to cover the Vive Latino, but the secretariat considered that these symptoms do not correspond to a box of COVID-19.

While the police second was hospitalized on the 26th of march already in a critical situation, could get it 14 days ago, a period which the same authority has pointed out as a risk.

Yesterday, another police officer gave positive COVID-19 in the sector of Naples, the same which was with Santillan Morales, unveiled Image Newswith Ciro Gómez Leyva. This is the official Miguel Angel Rivera.

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